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Monday, April 20, 2015

Outside the Box

by: Deana DiLauri

This kaleidoscope was taken of the John H. Walker Middle School, directly across from the high school oval.  I wanted to photograph something that involved a good portion of the sky, and looking straight ahead at the middle school made me think of some ideas.  I stood on a three-floor tower to be able to photograph the middle school, getting just the right amount of the sky.  I did not go all the way to the third floor, but the second was just the right amount to get a good view.  

Chevy Logo

by: Michael Spagnuolo

This kaleidoscope picture is a picture of a Chevy logo that was on the front of a truck and it caught my eye by the color of it standing out being a gold with everything else black and silver and I thought that what would it look like when I added it to the template?  It happened to make a really cool image.  It was a very easy process, there was no any challenging obstacles so simple just going up to the object and taking the picture then just playing around with it in Photoshop

Day at the Beach

by: Samantha Panso

I took this photo in Puerto Rico in the summer because I loved the colors of the palm trees. They were so bright and beautiful and filled the beach with light and beauty. I used this for my kaleidoscope because I thought the colors of it would make the kaleidoscope look really cool. I tried a couple different templates and this one was my overall favorite because of the planet like circle it created in the middle. The only obstacle was that I had to do a rectangular marquee in different areas a couple times to get it to be the way it came out now. I wanted it to create shapes and for everything to basically look symmetrical. 

The Mask

by: Stephanie Quintana

The mask kaleidoscope is my favorite of all of my previous projects. I hand casted the mask then I layered it with encaustic wax along with adding my own images of Greek art work to create a Greek history mask. I photographed it on a black background and then thought the bright reds and dark blacks would look interesting in a kaleidoscope. The perspective changed completely rather than looking like a mask it turned into a college on Greek culture.


by Ian Salzman

This picture is a kaleidoscope of a tree. The tree is by the high school parking lot. I wanted to take a picture of the branches in front of the bright blue sky. I wanted all the branches to connect so that the tree is almost unrecognizable. My favorite part of this photograph is the very center. All of the branches decrease in size to form a star.


by: Catherine Pezo

This picture was taken outside the Nutley Public Library.  I found some curved bars that have a beautiful sky background shinning through.  Because the bars were symmetrical, a geometrical pattern was created with the kaleidoscope process.  I find the finished shapes very satisfying. 

Fire Hydrant

by: Tommy O’Mara

For my kaleidoscope picture I used a picture of a fire hydrant I took outside of Nutley High School. Fire hydrants have a very unique shape and work perfectly in kaleidoscopes.  The red hydrant contrasts with the background of the hill behind it.